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A Friendly Hello

I was recently reminded by episode 138 of Art Juice that 1. I should be spending more time on my website and not just social media, and 2. that while traditionally practice artists are taught to write their bio's in third person and promote a sort of polished, professional image; this has been changing slowly with the growth of the internet and new modes of interaction.

So, Allow me to re-introduce myself.

My name is Emma Crim and I am an artist. Like many artists my love of the creative world began almost before I can recall, but was helped along by great teachers and a best friend who shared it. In high school I tried to do the "sensible" think and took a technical course in graphic design. It didn't do it for me. So when I got to try oil paint for the first time in an AP art class, I decided that I wanted the chance to devote at least 4 years to painting and art. That landed me at Virginia Tech where I earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art in 2019.

During that time much of my art was influenced by an interest in anatomy and how striking, yet beautiful it can be. The loss of my Grandfather to pancreatic cancer only increased these interests and let me to pursue a senior show centered around depicting illnesses and their tolls: bodily, mentally, and even emotionally. Painting became a healthy outlet for processing my grief and frustrations and has remained as such even as my work has shifted to mostly abstracts.

Many of the pieces you will find on my website are oil paintings done on Arches Oil paper. I find an appeal to the decal edge and the seeming fragility of the paper beneath the surface as well as the texture and ability to work on a hard surface unlike a stretched canvas. I also especially enjoy the way taping the edge of the paper creates a frame while often there are small bleeds that suggest evidence of the process the paintings has gone through.

This month I was able to join the Washington Street Artists Co-op (WSAC) in Charles Town, WV. If you're in the neighborhood and want to see some of my works in person, consider stopping by. I may even be working the gallery that day, and there are other great local shops and artists. If you're a knitter, I highly recommend Yarnability, which is just down the block.

Speaking of, I am also an avid knitter. I first learned the basics in second grade as a class project courtesy of one of the parents but have taught myself much more with helpful videos and sites like revelry in recent years. In fact, my etsy shop currently has quite a few hand knitted hats and festive décor available. I'm especially in love with the Lotus beanie from BKnitsHandmade.

I think that's most of what I had to say today. I still find the idea of blogging, or trying to do Instagram lives, etc mildly terrifying if I'm being honest; but I'm going to try my best to start putting things out there more. Feel free to introduce yourself too or let me know if there are things you'd like me to talk about or if you have some of your own tips. For one thing I would LOVE some more podcast recommendations. I've listened to most of the Art Juice episodes to date and could use some more inspirational voices

Thank you for reading this far, until next time.



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