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A little update

When I made my first blog post for the site I thought i would be happily sharing about an upcoming gallery show I had entered shortly.

Then it became apparent just how serious the Covid-19 pandemic is and the show got canceled. I was disappointed but ultimately it made sense as holding a gallery opening would have been too risky for everyone involved.

I'm sure everyone has been finding their own challenges in the current environment and I just hope you all are able to stay safe and healthy as well as those you care about.

Personally it has been strange because living in a rural area and working mostly from home means technically my life has changed that drastically during these events. Yet I've been struggling with productivity too as I find myself seeking distractions or sleeping more.

I think the most important thing right now is to be kind to ourselves and to other people.

On another note: I have added a couple listings with small items to my etsy store as of today, so if you're curious about what I HAVE managed to get done over the last couple months go check it out!

All the best till next time

ps. for sneak peaks into my procrastination be sure to follow my twitter!

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