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The Artist


So, Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Emma Crim and I am an artist. In high school I tried to do the "sensible" thing and took a technical course in graphic design. It didn't do it for me. Some hard decisions later and I ended up studying fine arts at Virginia Tech. I graduated in may 2019 and soon after moved to our family cattle farm in Summit Point, WV.

Many of the pieces you will find on here are oil paintings done on Arches Oil paper. I enjoy working on the slightly textured surface while taped to a hard backing board. It creates a feel I haven't been able to replicate with any canvas or panel to date. 

You will likely notice that my work has transitioned from a prevalent interest in anatomy to more abstract subjects in the last year or so, but the main continuity is that for me, painting is and always will be a healthy way of processing life and the emotions that come with it.


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